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Seyconel has a specialized and experienced technical team of salespeople and representatives, always ready to take care and help you to find the best solution for cargo lifting safely!

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Industrial Remote Control
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Special Devices
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Our laboratory has the most advanced maintenance and testing devices, enabling our technicians to perform not only maintenance but also software programming on our Seyconel’s remote control. 

Material Inspections for Cargo

The objective of the inspection service in cargo handling materials is to perform the visual and dimensional inspection in all materials used in cargo handling being Belt slings, steel cables, chain slings grade 8 and grade 10, accessories (Oblong master link, shackles, hooks, connectors), special equipment (lifting spreader beam, coil lifter tong, load bar), identifying wear and deformations that may compromise their safe use and impair their operational availability.

Load Lifting Materials Inspection

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The products offered by Seyconel have quality, technology and safety. Count on us to offer the best in products and cargo lifting and handling.

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